Colin Jost Says He Loved Playing The Heel at WWE WrestleMania 35

Ever since the inception of WrestleMania, celebrities have played a major role in the yearly event.

This year saw two stars from NBC's SNL, Colin Jost and Michael Che, participate in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal. The two had been embattled in a feud with RAW star Braun Strowman in the weeks prior to WrestleMania 35.

Jost and Che ended up taking on the role of villains, and according to a new interview, absolutely love every second of playing the heels. Jost was interviewed recently by Kevin Nealon, a former SNL cast member himself who also hosted the Weekend Update segment.

While the interview covered a wide range of topics, WrestleMania came up as well.

“It happened because Che is a really die-hard WWE fan,” Colin explained. “And I was all growing up, it was like a huge thing for my brother and I.”

Apparently Che went to a few WWE live events and WWE eventually suggested doing something together. The relationship was interesting in that WWE didn't seem to receive any promotion on SNL or NBC for the WrestleMania appearance, as one would expect from a business perspective. But it looks like the company did a Che, a long time fan, a solid by allowing him to fulfill a dream in stepping into the ring.

“It’s weirdly like SNL,” Jost continued. “Slightly more physical, but it’s all live so they all are super professional. It’s the biggest traveling show in the world.”

The statement "slightly more physical" is funny here, certainly an understatement. Either way, Jost went on to talk about being boo'ed as a heel and how much fun it was to try to get (and achieve) that kind of reaction from a live crowd. He trolled the live crowd in New Jersey expertly by wearing a brand new Cleveland Browns Odell Beckham Jr. jersey, much to the dismay of the New York Giants fans in attendance.

You can watch the full interview below.



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