Corey Graves Says Vince McMahon Messes With Michael Cole on Commentary During WWE Raw

Corey Graves appeared on the Chasing Glory With Lilian Garcia podcast this week, and gave a glimpse into life as a WWE commentator working with the likes of Michael Cole and Renee Young. During the interview Graves described the challenge of having to juggle calling a match, having a coherent conversation with his fellow commentators and having to deal with Vince McMahon on the headset.

"It's insane, the amount of information that we're processing all the time because you got the producers in your ear counting you to commercial break," Graves said. "You have to listen to your partners. You actually have to have a coherent conversation with them. In the middle of a thought, someone backstage is feeding you an idea or a thought and it's like, 'Oh my God'. It's completely overwhelming at times."

He mentioned that McMahon loves to interject whenever Cole is speaking on-camera, and that he believes he's just messing with the veteran play-by-play announcer.

"My favorite is when Vince decides to do it when you're on camera." Graves said. "I know he does it to [Michael] Cole to mess with him..."

Graves originally joined the WWE in August 2011 via their Florida Championship Wrestling developmental program. He gradually moved his way up the card and even held the NXT Tag Team Championships at one point with Adrian Neville, now known as Pac over in AEW. His career had to be cut short in 2014 due to an unfortunate series of concussions, but it wasn't long until he became a regular commentator on both NXT and WWE's pre-show panels. He eventually began working double duty as a color commentator for both Raw and SmackDown on a weekly basis.

During the interview Graves also addressed the rumors started by his ex-wife that he had been cheating on her with Carmella.

"The story that made the rounds without paying it any mind, it was not accurate," Graves said. "It was made out of anger and emotion and it was... it wasn't what it looked like. I had been out of the house, living on my own for quite some time before that whole situation."

"It was a 'sexy story' that people went: 'Oh, my god let's talk about what a piece of crap this guy is.' It was angry and emotional and its been apologized for on both ends," he added. "It's moved forward."

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