Watch: R-Truth Posts Video While Trapped Inside of a Shipping Crate Headed to WWE Raw

R-Truth kept his 24/7 Championship reign alive on SmackDown Live this week, but his latest strategy to avoid the rest of the roster may have backfired.

During the show Carmella advised him to hide in one of the crates backstage. She then went out for a match, leaving Truth locked inside. Jinder Mahal then ran up to discover Truth and tried to go find a crowbar, but when he and Carmella both returned Truth's crate had been moved onto a forklift and was apparently headed towards Los Angeles for Monday Night Raw next week.

Truth took to Twitter on Wednesday with a video, asking people for help.

As of Wednesday, Truth's latest reign with the championship has lasted a total of six days. He dropped the title to Jinder Mahal at an airport tarmac just before traveling to Saudi Arabia for Super ShowDown, but managed to win the title back during the flight. He then locked himself in a bathroom and slept in one of the overhead baggage compartments on the ride home (according to his Twitter).


Since the title was first introduced in late May, Truth has kept a strong grip over it with a record five reigns for a combined 23 days. No other champion has held the title for more than one total day, though Elias and Jinder Mahal have both captured the title twice.

One person who has been tirelessly trying to take the title from Truth is 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick. Maverick was trapped on an elevator with Truth, Carmella, Heath Slater, EC3 and Cedric Alexander on Raw this week, but because there was no referee present the title couldn't change hands. Over the weekend Maverick uploaded a video where he imitated the Liam Neeson speech from Taken, to which Truth responded with, "Good luck, dawg."