Stone Cold Steve Austin Admits He Partied Too Hard With Ric Flair Before the Raw Reunion

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin returned to WWE television back in July for the special Raw Reunion edition of Monday Night Raw. "The Texas Rattlesnake" closed out the show alongside nearly 40 stars from the past, first with a promo and then with a round of beers for everyone. Austin admitted in a recent episode of The Steve Austin Show that he might have had a little too much fun with Ric Flair in the nights leading up to the show, to the point where he nearly lost his voice before going out to cut his promo.

"Yeah, I was talking about the Raw reunion a little bit and I said, 'man, I was down there at the bar with Flair and Flair was telling stories, so if Flair's telling stories, I'm not going to tap out. I'm going to keep drinking!' And then, people started jumping on [Flair's] ass saying, 'well, Ric Flair's not supposed to be drinking.' I saw [Flair] nurse about two or three Bud Lights and Bud Light is about as light as you can get in the alcohol category. And [Flair] nursed them all night long." Austin said.

"I was kind of hungover the next day because I always pace myself here at the house, but [Flair was] telling stories all night long. [Flair] was kind of holding court. I was like a parrot. I was right behind [Flair], damn near on [Flair's] right shoulder laughing my ass off."

Austin continued: "By the time I showed up at Monday Night Raw, I had stayed up so late with [Flair] two nights in a row. And then, [Flair] brought in this cast of characters. And by the time we got to the RAW reunion, I was talking to the WWE Superstars for like eight hours before we went on air. By the time I went out to go cut my promo, my voice was basically gone because I had partied too hard with [Flair] and then talked my voice out, so I effed myself is what I did."

Austin recently spoke with about his current USA Network interview show, Straight Up Steve Austin.

"... I told everybody, I said, 'Listen, the way I see this show, if we're not having a blast filming it, we're doing it wrong,'" Austin said. "And they looked at me and they said, 'You're exactly right.'

"... I'm having a blast filming this damn show," he added. "And it's like I tell everybody, man, I laugh my ass off almost the entire show. And now there's serious moments, but there's so many fun things that we do, and I get a chance to meet so many interesting people, some of who I already knew. But yeah, man, I'm like a kid in a candy store."


The WWE Hall of Famer is scheduled to appear on Monday Night Raw this week to moderate the WWE Universal Championship contract signing between Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for transcript