Dominik Dijakovic Joins Team Ciampa for NXT TakeOver: WarGames, Replaces Matt Riddle

With the next NXT Takeover leading to the huge Survivor Series pay-per-view against the Monday Night Raw and Friday Night SmackDown brands, it's going to be a huge one with the return of the War Games match. Adam Cole and the Undisputed Era already has their team in place with a solid selection of the four of them, but fans were wondering just who opposing team captain Tommaso Ciampa would choose to round out his ragtag group now that Johnny Gargano has been officially ruled out of NXT TakeOver: War Games due to injury.

But with Undisputed Era interrupting the match between Keith Lee and North American Champion Roderick Strong, and then trying to cause even more trouble following Lee's win, Dominik Dijakovic surprisingly came in to save Team Ciampa when they needed help the most. But his inclusion to the team comes with a caveat that he replaces Matt Riddle.

Dijakovic, who has been in a heated back and forth with Team Ciampa member Keith Lee for the past few weeks, came in and absolutely demolished the members of Undisputed Era. They were trying to do what they do best and take down Ciampa and Lee with a pure numbers advantage, but they had no real way to combat Dijakovic's size and power.


Matt Riddle tried to intervene too, but he was soon attacked by Finn Balor. Balor returned for a quick strike in response to Riddle's earlier attack, and quickly took Riddle out of the equation. But when things looked bad, Dijakovic came in and delivered some solid amounts of punishment. Following this, Dijakovic reached out to Ciampa in an attempt to ally with him but first he had to clear things up with Lee.

Given the heated rivalry between the two, Lee was hesitant to thank Dijakovic for the help against Undisputed Era but it's clear that their on the same side. With a common enemy in tow, Lee and Dijakovic shook hands and Ciampa seemed to recruit him to the team. But later in the program, Regal confirmed that Dijakovic would be entering the match in Matt Riddle's place (as he's got some of his own business to attend to). So this means that Ciampa will still be searching for that fourth member. Now this means fans still have no idea who the fourth member of Team Ciampa will be as of this writing.