The New Day: Feel the Power Podcast Announced, Premiere Date Confirmed

WWE officially announced via press release on Wednesday that Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods and Big E are getting their own weekly podcast as part of the WWE Podcast Network. The show, titled The New Day: Feel The Power launches on Dec. 2 and is described as "Each Monday, The New Day will share personal stories from their daily lives and engage in passionate debates as they cover some of their favorite subjects, including sports, video games, music and much more. Injecting the power of positivity into all of their takes, the charismatic trio will offer their unique perspectives on life as a WWE Superstar."

WWE launched its first podcast for the new network, After The Bell, earlier this month with Corey Graves as the host.

"Feel The Power is the perfect platform for us to take our engagement with fans to the next level," the trio said in the release. "Nothing will be off limits as we take listeners on a wild ride inside our lives."

Kingston and E recently kicked off the group's seventh reign as tag team champions by beating The Revival on an episode of SmackDown. Woods has been out of action with an Achilles injury and won't be back in the ring until reportedly mid-2020.

During an interview with earlier this year, E discussed the group's mindset towards breaking up. Unlike most tag teams and factions in modern WWE, the trio have stuck together as a group for a whopping five years.

"Okay, knowing WWE and knowing objectively of our creative, here's what's going to happen," he said. "We'll turn on one another, and then you'll have one probably pretty cool, pretty exciting interaction, one moment. Then, what do you think is going to happen to us in three months?


"You have so many groups like Rusev Day. You have Aiden [English] turns on Rusev," he continued. "Shocking moment, you get that moment of shock. But then they do for a couple of weeks on TV that weird ['One Night in Milwaukee'] thing with Lana. We have a very full roster, but a guy like Aiden, who is very talented, is now no longer doing anything with Rusev. Rusev Day chants, as hot as Rusev was, that's died down because of that [split]. Now, you have two guys who are less hot when they were several months before the breakup. That's kind of how it's always been unless your guys were made men, like The Shield, where they're always going to be looked out for. ... The trajectory of our careers isn't going to be better breaking up."

E continued — "I'm not saying that Kofi doesn't get a world title reign without The New Day, but you don't get that same moment of brotherhood, that same story of two guys who are able to go through the gauntlet and get their brother his title match," he said. "All of the things we've been able to do the last couple of years, that is unique and special, you don't get any of those moments. We listen to people that say "Actually, you should turn heel,' or 'It's my time, I should really make this time about me.' That's not something that even remotely interests us."