Arrow's Stephen Amell Missed WWE Backstage Due To Back Injury

Stephen Amell was supposed to appear as part of WWE's Backstage last night, but unfortunately, the Arrow star had to miss the proceedings. That's a bummer for both fans of his DC work (which is in full Crisis on Infinite Earths mode at the moment) and his previous wrestling outings in WWE, but there was a good reason for his absence. Amell took to social media to reveal why he had to miss the show, and it was due to an issue with his back, and thus he had to miss out on doing a round of Promo School.

Amell took to Twitter to explain, saying "Just a quick note that I won’t be able to appear on #WWEBackstage tonight. Total bummer but I pinched a nerve in my back. On the mend, but wasn’t well enough for Promo School. I’ll be back. Promise."

For those unfamiliar, Promo School is a segment of the show where a WWE superstar goes against someone from outside the world of wrestling in a Promo battle, which has the two sparring off as if they were in a WWE ring. The show has welcomed celebrities and athletes like LaVar Arrington, Adam Jones, Gabriel Iglesias, and David Arquette to spar, and some times they are surprisingly great, though other times it's just hilarious to watch an experienced superstar work his magic on the mic.


That's included stars like Booker T, Christian, and Samoa Joe, though in Arquette's case, Booker T was actually quite polite in his Promo, and we're eager to see what Amell could've done against him. Amell is no stranger to wrestling and is already great at comebacks on social media, so we have to imagine he would be pretty good at Promo School as well.

As for where you can see Amell next, he will be playing a major part in the upcoming Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event, which will feature not only Arrow but also The Flash, Batwoman, Legends of Tomorrow, Black Lightning, and Supergirl. As we've seen in the trailer, it will also feature some amazing cameos and appearances from across the DC television universe, and it's going to be quite the event.