AEW Full Gear: Hikaru Shida Successfully Defends Title Against Nyla Rose

The second hour of AEW's Full Gear PPV event got underway with Hikaru Shida defending the AEW Women's Championship against former champion Nyla Rose, who had Vicki Guerrero in her corner. The match started with Shida on offense as they battled to the outside. However, Rose shifted the narrative after Vicki Guerrero got involved, taking out Shida's leg from behind.

Rose then began to work over Shida's leg, using the base of the ring as leverage as she wrenched it around the ring's metal frame. She followed that up by wrenching her leg around the ring post and then taking Shida out with a chop block in the ring.

After Rose worked Shida's leg some more in the ring, Rose missed a move off the corner and Shida was able to stage a comeback. She hit a cradle suplex for a near fall. Shida went for a running right knee, but Rose blocked it. However, Shida soon after hit a crossbody off the ropes. She went for a suplex but Rose dug her fists into Shida's knee and slammed her to the mat.

Rose hit a diving knee drop across Shida's knee as she was laid out, balancing across the top rope. Rose continued working the knee and went to the top. However, Shida blocked her and climbed up to the top with her. Shida was pushed off but countered by coming in with a running big boot. Shida then hit a dropkick off the top to Rose on the entrance ramp. As Rose got in the ring, Shida hit a missile dropkick off the top rope in the ring for a near fall.

Shida went for her running knee, but Rose blocked it again and hit a big powerbomb. She followed that up with a running knee strike but Shida kicked out at "1" after some gloating from Rose. Rose looked to go for a powerbomb but Shida back body dropped her. Moments later, Shida hit an avalanche falcon arrow off the top rope for a near fall. However, Shida smiled and went for her running knee but was tripped up by Vicki on the outside. As she argued with Vicki, Rose knocked her off the apron to the outside as Shida clenched her knee.


Vicki went to use a Kendo Stick but the ref took it. Rose was then pushed into Vicki. Shida then tossed Rose into the ringside wall and took her back into the ring and hit a falcon arrow for a near fall. Shida then hit her running knee strike but Rose kicked out. They sold that Shida's knee was hurt and she pulled up from hitting the knee strike full-on. However, she hit it again, this time from behind, then followed that with several knee strikes to a downed Rose and covered for the pinfall.

After the match, Vicki screamed at Nyla in the ring and stormed off.