Watch: Chris Jericho Celebrates Reuniting With the AEW World Championship

Chris Jericho was reunited with the AEW World Championship on Wednesday hours after it had been turned in to the Tallahassee Police Department.

Jericho, trying to save face after the title was stolen, said the title was recovered all thanks to him

"In less than 24 hours after I launched a worldwide investigation to find my missing championship title, it has been returned to me. And it's not because and law enforcement agency that was too busy with posting pictures on Twitter and then deleting them and then posting them again, or a funny meme or a clever gif. It's because of me. It's because I put the fear of God into the hearts of those who robbed me, who committed grand larceny. I told you I hired the best private investigators in the world today, and as a result I got back the most coveted prize in professional wrestling today."

According to a TPD police report, the title was stolen from a limousine while Jericho ate at a Longhorn Steakhouse on Sunday night. The report of the missing championship made headlines on Tuesday, forcing Jericho to cut a promo reacting to the situation.

"Unfortunately less than 24 hours after I became the first ever AEW Champion, with blood streaming down my face after one of the hardest matches I've ever had in my life, some lowlife scumbag committed grand larceny and robbed me of the AEW Championship," Jericho said at the time.

"As a result, I am launching a worldwide investigation, using the top private investigators in the world today to find out who committed this crime," he later added.

The TPD initially posted a photo of the recovered championship to their social media accounts early Wednesday morning, only to quickly delete them and state that the case was ongoing. The department released an official statement on the recovered championship later in the day, providing some details on where and how it was found.


"Officers learned that a championship belt, reported to be valued at $29,250, was stolen from a limo recently occupied by the belt's owner," the report read. "On September 4, 2019, a citizen returned the championship belt to TPD headquarters, reporting that it was found along a local roadway."

No arrests have been made, though the investigation on who swiped the title in the first place is ongoing.