Natalya Discusses How She Feels About WWE Using Jim Neidhart's Death in a Storyline

In an effort to generate drama, WWE directed Ruby Riott to mock Natalya's late father, Jim 'The [...]

In an effort to generate drama, WWE directed Ruby Riott to mock Natalya's late father, Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart ahead of their match at TLC. On camera, this has tormented Nattie, but how does she really feel about WWE's decision to use her father's passing for storytelling?

In an interview with Yahoo Sports, Natalya discussed her perspective on the matter, revealing that peers and fans alike have approached to see if she was OK with Riott running down her father.

"A lot of people have asked me, girls that I work with backstage, other superstars, people at home, if I'm OK with this storyline and how do I feel about it. For me, this is what is going on in my life, this is the elephant in the room," she said.

While the subject is obviously sensitive, Nattie says that her father would likely encourage the use of his death to supplement the story's emotions.

"My dad was a professional wrestler. He was a WWE superstar, he was a WWE legend before he passed away and I feel like in some crazy way this is like my dad is having one last run. I feel like if I asked my dad right now, 'Daddy, how do you feel about me doing this storyline?' My dad would say go for it. He understood pro wrestling, he understood how, for fans to become emotionally invested in stories, there has to be emotionally charged content," she said.

Riott's last message to Nattie came this Monday on Raw where she promised that after her Tables Match at TLC Nattie would be "closer to her father than ever." Some fans think WWE is exploiting tragedy, but the outrage seems to be limited as there is understanding that Nattie is OK with this strategy.

In August Neidhart passed away at the age of 63 after a fall at home. Shortly after the somber news, Nattie posted the following message:

"I can't put into words how hard it is going to be for myself and our family to have to say goodbye to my dad," Neidhart said. "He meant the world to us, and nothing will ever replace the special times we shared together as a family. My dad was always a fighter and an incredibly special person."

"There was no one like him!" she continued, posting a throwback photo of Jim with his brother-in-law Owen Hart. "I'm just gonna miss him so much. We are going to hold all of the moments we had with him close to our hearts forever and never let them go. I promise to keep your memory alive. We love you so much, Daddy!"