LA Knight Responds The Miz's WWE Raw Impression: "The Best Reaction He Ever Got Was Walking Out As Me."

Knight believes The Miz is jealous of his recent momentum.

There are few stars hotter in professional wrestling right now than LA Knight. The former Million Dollar Champion has been riding a surge of momentum since January and has experienced a parallel groundswell of support from fans, garnering reactions that echo those of the Attitude Era. While Knight had his "arriving" victory at WWE SummerSlam in the Slim Jim Battle Royal, the self-proclaimed megastar is still looking to get his first big premium live event singles win. That could change this weekend, as Knight is set to take on The Miz at WWE Payback.

Leading up to that bout, The Miz showed face on Monday Night Raw and pulled out one of his oldest mind game tricks. Miz impersonated Knight, donning Knight's signature vest, jeans, and construction boots look all while mocking his upcoming opponent's catchphrases.

LA Knight is Unfazed by The Miz's Impersonation

(Photo: WWE)

Speaking to Claibs Online, LA Knight says The Miz's recent impersonation of him comes from a place of jealousy.

"He is jealous of me, and you know why? Because he's always wanted to be me. I'm not saying he knew who LA Knight was years ago, what I mean is that he wanted the level of success that I've come across," Knight said. "He wanted the adulation that I've come across. He's wanted the reactions that I've gotten, people chanting his name, quoting him. Instead, the best reaction he's ever got in his entire career was walking out as me a couple nights ago on Raw."

Miz has targeted Knight in recent weeks, believing that he will end up being no more than a flash in the pan. One of Miz's biggest criticisms of Knight was that he thinks he is doing "Attitude Era cosplay" with his look and the way he talks.

"He was talking about me doing cosplay, here is he actually literally doing cosplay and he's doing cosplay of three guys that are all on a completely different level from him if you notice," Knight said, referencing the fact that Miz has also impersonated The Rock and John Cena on WWE TV in years past. "He's putting me on that same level with them, and putting himself on another level which is below all of us."

LA Knight faces The Miz this Saturday at WWE Payback, which will stream live on Peacock.