Triple H Reportedly Not Told About Recent Batch of NXT Call Ups

Given Triple H is NXT's founding father, you'd think he'd be the first to know when four of the Yellow Brand's best performers were headed to the main roster. But apparently, that wasn't the case.

According to Wrestling Observer Radio, Vince McMahon made the decision to bring up Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Aleister Black, and Ricochet, but a "communication issue" kept Triple H out of the loop. Per the Observer, plans were made late last week when McMahon essentially asked for the most qualified NXT star to be on Raw that Monday.

“Vince is reacting to the ratings, I think there’s a reaction to AEW and basically he wanted to get wrestlers on RAW now and so you know he’s not that up on NXT, but it was essentially, ‘Who are the four best guys?’ These are the four best guys, I guess.

Triple H didn’t know. There was a communication thing there. So he just wanted those four guys. I’m not sure whether he picked them or whether he was told that these are the guys," said Dave Meltzer.

When Triple H did eventually learn that four of his finest ponies were getting promoted, he helped rearrange Raw to give them all smooth debuts. Originally, Ricochet was supposed to go one-on-one with Finn Balor, but Triple H didn't like the idea of Ricochet having to compete for babyface attention, on top of Balor losing just hours after becoming Intercontinental Champion. This may explain why Lio Rush was used to tagging with Bobby Lashley despite them appearing to split the night before at Elimination Chamber

All of the debuting NXT grads won on Monday, then again on Tuesday. It's impossible to say where this is going, but if McMahon called them up on an impulse, it sounds their booking will be improvised.

On a side note, it's interesting that McMahon asked for NXT's best four, and Velveteen Dream was not included. It's hard to read exactly how WWE feels about Dream, but his talent and projectability are unquestionable. It's possible WWE has specific plans for his promotion, whereas Black, Ricochet, Ciampa and Gargano's arrival may prove to be arbitrary.


Regardless, WWE has added four new names at an interesting point in the wrestling season. WrestleMania is very close, but it looks like the majority of that card is still a mystery. It's hard to imagine WWE crafting significant 'Mania plans for these dudes—espcially with TakeOver happening the night before—considering all but the Universal Championship match are still undecided.

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