Watch: Beth Phoenix Addresses Randy Orton's RAW Attack on Edge

An unexpected moment happened at the beginning of WWE NXT this week when Beth Phoenix addressed the closing segment from this week's RAW.

Phoenix, the wife of Edge (Adam Copeland), is part of the broadcast team on NXT. During a shot of the announce crew early in the show, she addressed the attack by Randy Orton on Edge that happened at the end of the show on Monday night. It was one of the more memorable segments in recent years from RAW.

Check out Phoenix's comments below, which were short and impactful.

The segment from RAW featured Edge coming out to address the crowd and discuss his surprise return to WWE during Sunday night's Royal Rumble. Part-way through his speech, Edge was interrupted by his former Rated RKO tag team partner, Orton.

After Orton and Edge teased a heartfelt moment in the ring, Orton hit his former partner with an RKO out of nowhere. The attack after that got even more brutal as an emotionally torn Orton took out a chair and repeatedly hit Edge in the back. He then briefly put the chair around Edge's surgically repaired neck and teased stomping on it via a jump from the corner turnbuckle but relented. Instead, he took out another chair and hit the two chairs together with Edge's head between them, a concerto.


All of this looks to be leading to a WrestleMania match between the former partners.