WWE Backstage Announces Special Episode Airing This Week

World Wrestling Entertainment has been bringing back a lot of old and new programs, with Halloween [...]

World Wrestling Entertainment has been bringing back a lot of old and new programs, with Halloween Havoc coming back this month in a new form, and it seems as if Backstage is once again returning following the series being taken off a weekly schedule earlier this year! With the World Series looking to air Game 3 this Friday, Smackdown will be moving stations to Fox Sports Network for this week, along with an episode of Backstage that is hosted by Renee Young and Booker T that will most likely dive into the events of the weekly event that is one of WWE's biggest!

Renee Young recently returned to World Wrestling Entertainment last week, where she was brought to co-chair a special Smackdown Kickoff Show along with her former co-host Booker T. Though Backstage is no longer airing every week as it once did on the WWE Network, it's clear that with the previous kick-off show and this announcement that the show has definitely struck a chord among fans. The next big event for the WWE is of course Hell In A Cell, which will feature a number of wrestlers ending scores within steel cage matches and is sure to be considered the organization's Halloween extravaganza!

WWE shared the news that this week's Smackdown would be moving to Fox Sports Network, along with a new episode of Backstage that will feature the original hosts of Renee Young and Booker T, hopefully marking that this former weekly show might become a regular thing to the Network in the future:

WWE Backstage would offer some unique takes on the world that surrounds each Smackdown, Raw, and pay-per-view events and we're crossing our fingers that both Young and Booker are able to stay on as the hosts of this creation. With the Raw and Smackdown Drafts recently having taken place and Hell In A Cell right around the corner, we would imagine that there will be plenty of material for Backstage to cover!

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