WWE NXT Tag Team Championship Match at Roadblock Ends in Chaos Thanks to Creed Brothers

The WWE NXT Tag Team Championships were on the line during tonight's NXT Roadblock event, with current Champions Imperium putting the titles on the line against former Champions MSK (Wes Lee and Nash Carter). First in was Carter and Barthel, and Barthel got off to a hot start but soon Carter was back in it and knocking Barthel loopy with a dropkick to the head. Barthel made a statement with his next uppercut, and some kicks to the back sounded incredibly painful.

Barthel had a chin lock on Carter but he escaped and tagged in Lee, and they both unloaded a flurry of offense on Barthel, including a double stomp and some kicks to the back of his legs. Lee kept attacking the legs and the chest of Barthel, and Barthel answered with some chops that let him tag in Aichner. Lee kept Aichner at a distance but Aichner caught him and threw him into the ropes, slamming Lee's leg into the top rope.

Aichner then focused on that leg and Lee's foot and ankle with holds and stomps, but Lee kicked out of a quick cover. Lee escaped another hold and hit some kicks to the head and then he pulled Aichner into his corner and tagged Carter in, but Aichner kicked out of the next pin attempt.

They traded punches until Carter tried to pin the shoulders and then Aicher hit a massive clothesline on Carter before tagging in Barthel, who kicked Carter right in the chest. Barthel started working on Carter's arm but he responded with a knee to the head. Carter got to Lee and made the tag, who knocked Aichner off the ring and hit a drop-kick to the back of Barthel's head. Lee followed it up with a Moonsault and Barthel rolled out of the ring.


Lee tagged Carter who slammed into Barthel on the outside, but Aichner was back in the ring and he knocked over Lee. Then all of a sudden The Creed Brothers hit the ring and decimated Imperium but also cleared out MSK as well, standing tall in the ring as it ended in a Disqualification.