WWE SmackDown: Big E Prevails In Violent Falls Count Anywhere Match

Following the first picks of this year's WWE Draft, SmackDown's in ring action began with Big E vs. Sheamus this week. Well, not exactly in ring considering this was a Falls Count Anywhere Match. With Big E in the draft pool, it was unknown as the bout got underway if this would be his last match on SmackDown for the time being or not. Big E is in the midst of a singles push that could end up pushing him toward the top of the WWE card by WrestleMania season.

The two began wrestling in the ring, but it didn't take long until they went elsewhere. Sheamus took the early lead, but Sheamus hit a Uranage and then took out Sheamus with the Spear to the outside for a near fall.

The fighting outside ended up with a Kendo Stick getting involved. Sheamus took the early lead with the weapon, tying Big E up in the ropes, but E eventually took the lead as we went to a commercial break.

They fought backstage to, you guessed it, the catering area. Always a standby whenever a WWE match goes backstage. Big E ended up covered in food as Sheamus dragged him throughout the corridor. Sheamus was about to hit Big E with a flat screen but E picked up a broom and began beating him down with it. He followed that up with some trash can shots.

They fought to the parking garage area next. Sheamus picked up a tire iron and took advantage. He nailed Big E with a White Noise on the windshield of a car for a near fall. Sheamus placed him inside the driver's side door next and rammed the door into him over and over. Sheamus then opened the trunk and threw Big E inside. He held his arm out of the trunk and tried to slam the lid on it but E fought back with some kicks. Sheamus came in with a Brogue Kick but E dodged it, with Sheamus taking the lid of the trunk off.


Big E then slammed Sheamus on a nearby car, breaking another windshield. Big E then hit a Big Ending off the hood of the car through a nearby table for the victory.

The WWE Draft continues throughout SmackDown and Monday night during Raw. You can follow the latest up to date news on the draft, including every superstar taken throughout, with our WWE Draft tracker at this link.