Constantine Ratings Rebound in Second Week Back

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  1. Makes sense, if they changed the timeslot odds are good people were tuned in at the wrong time. accounts for the temporary drop off. end of the day gents STOP DICKING US AROUND IT'S AN AWESOME SHOW KEEP IT RUNNING! i mean hell, i'm all the way accross the pond and even i make a point of tuning in.

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    I'm from the UK too and have made a point to sign up to Amazon Instant Video to contribute to the numbers rating. The show has so much potential and keeps getting better, season 2 needs to happen one way or another! Just a shame TV networks seem so quick to cancel shows these days.

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    It's encouraging to hear that the ratings went up.I hope the ratings continue to rise,it's a great show.

  2. shame on NBC ,such a great show.. i eagerly wait for its episode to air so i can watch,i am south asian and love this show waited  from april when its promo was on air....

    Please dont cancel constantine,it has loads of potential and we as viewer want to see more of it.

    Constantine <3

  3. I agree. I had to work last night and missed the episode. I love watching constantine and like most didn't know the new time slot let alone that it was back from hiatus. I make it a point ti watch grimm and constantine on fridays ( when not working 3-11 shift) i don't even go out that night the new time is ok with me now that i know but if constantine doesn't make it on network channel syfy shoukd pick it up but not at 9pm i watch grimm just saying i love the show

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