Fantastic Four-Inspired Menu Items & Sweepstakes Announced By Denny's

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    • Ryus
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    So if I boycott Dennys Fantastic Four will return to Marvel?

  1. Ok I can say this, I want to try them out....

  2. I am just dying to know what the Invisible Woman Slam has to do with Invisible Woman. Human Torch Skillet is obviously hot, the Thing Burger kinda has the texture to it, but what Invisible Woman has in common with pancakes, eggs, and a side of bacon I do not know.

  3. “We know that Denny’s customers are frequent moviegoers who love this property..." hahaha, what? I can't imagine how they came up with that connection...

  4. Makes perfect sense, a failed film that is hated by the fans teams up with a failing restaurant that is the butt of every joke.

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