Spider-Man's Captain America: Civil War Costume Details Revealed

Despite rumors of a black and red suit a la Miles Morales, ComicBook.com has learned that there is at least one Spider-Man suit slated to appear in Captain America: Civil War that will feature the character's classic blue-and-red color scheme.

While Civil War in the comics introduced a Spider-Man who wore a red-and-gold number provided by Tony Stark (see below), the Civil War movie will bring an Avengers-friendly version of the traditional Spider-suit, complete with detailing reminiscent of costumes like Captain America's Avengers movie suits.



The blue is a darker color, not unlike what we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man, so it's not entirely impossible that the costume we're hearing about could be the same one somebody is reporting as black. Of course, Avengers: Age of Ultron proved that we can have the same superhero wearing more than one costume in a movie, too, so who knows?

For now, though, we can say this with confidence: There's a version of the Spider-Man suit out there, which is absolutely blue and red with black webs.

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  1. *GASP* The blue may be so dark it's nearly black? But that's so edgy! Think of the children!!! Ah, I'm just kidding.

  2. keep the classic suit with big eyes like bagley's art.

  3. keep the classic suit with big eyes like bagley's art.

  4. the Raimi series costume was great, hard to improve upon--like Romita Sr's classic version

  5. *yawn* this is boring.

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