Spider-Man's Captain America: Civil War Costume Details Revealed

Despite rumors of a black and red suit a la Miles Morales, ComicBook.com has learned that there is at least one Spider-Man suit slated to appear in Captain America: Civil War that will feature the character's classic blue-and-red color scheme.

While Civil War in the comics introduced a Spider-Man who wore a red-and-gold number provided by Tony Stark (see below), the Civil War movie will bring an Avengers-friendly version of the traditional Spider-suit, complete with detailing reminiscent of costumes like Captain America's Avengers movie suits.

The blue is a darker color, not unlike what we saw in The Amazing Spider-Man, so it's not entirely impossible that the costume we're hearing about could be the same one somebody is reporting as black. Of course, Avengers: Age of Ultron proved that we can have the same superhero wearing more than one costume in a movie, too, so who knows?


For now, though, we can say this with confidence: There's a version of the Spider-Man suit out there, which is absolutely blue and red with black webs.