George Miller Reportedly Directing Man Of Steel 2


Superman may get a little furious for his next solo film.

That’s because Mad Max: Fury Road director George Miller is rumored to helm Man of Steel 2. The rumor comes from another Superman director, of sorts-- Jon Schnepp, who just released the documentary The Death of Superman Lives: What Happened? Appearing on the latest episode of PopCorn Talk, Schnepp said, with confidence, that Mad Max’s Miller would direct Superman's next sequel.

Schnepp didn’t say where he heard the rumor, or add any more to that nugget of information, but it’s an interesting theory nonetheless. Miller is clearly in Warner Bros. good graces with the critical and commercial success of Mad Max: Fury Road, and Man of Steel director Zack Snyder will likely be too busy shepperding the Justice League film franchise to return to Superman. Plus, there’s the tiny detail that Miller was supposed to direct DC’s first attempt at a Justice League movie back in 2008. Perhaps a Man of Steel sequel is Warner Bros.' recompense to Miller?

You can watch Schnepp briefly discuss Miller’s involvement below.

What do you think, readers? Would you like to see George Miller direct a Superman film? Let us know in the comments!

Man of Steel 2 is part of Warner Bros.’ DC Extended Universe plans, but does not yet have a concrete release date. Stay tuned to’s comic book movie release schedule for when a date is announced.

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    • DarkWater
    • 1075 Posts in 22 Months

    This is really great news, if true. I hope after he does MOS2 he gets to do a Martian Manhunter film. He made the Wasteland look beautiful in Mad Max and I can only imagine he'd do the same for Mars.

    • GRSLive
    • 1 Posts in 16 Months

    Hope this is true. Didn't like MoS but I loved Fury Road. Couble easily be the best Superman film in years.

    • cimmerian
    • 818 Posts in 31 Months

    Please, please let this happen. I loved Man of Steel and Snyder's handling of it but can you imagine what Miller will do with it.

  1. DO IT!!! This is great news if true. Mad Max is film of the year for me and it is directed beautifully. Here's hoping!

    • RJW
    • 422 Posts in 23 Months

    I don't get what people loved about Fury Road, it was a boring 2 hour car chase. So what if things were done practically? That doesn't make up for the lack of interesting characters or story. I'd rather Snyder stay on board for MoS 2, but with a great script.

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