Frank Miller Says It Won't Be The Real Elektra On Marvel's Daredevil Season 2

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Part of Frank Miller’s meteoric rise to superstar status in comics was his run on Daredevil for Marvel. He reimagined the character as a grim and gritty defender of New York’s Hell’s Kitchen, and the noir influence has been imprinted on Matt Murdock ever since.

Marvel’s Daredevil series on Netflix certainly draws from Miller’s influence. You may think that would pique the creator’s interest in seeing the series, but it turns out that not the case. He told a crowd at the Comic Con Experience in Brazil that he hadn’t watched the series.

Season 2 of Daredevil will introduce Elektra, played by Elodie Yung. Elektra was created by Miller, and killed off in Daredevil #181. Miller is known for being attached to the character, and was upset by Marvel’s decision to bring her back from the dead a decade later. He voiced a pretty strong opinion about her television appearance as well, saying “they can call it whatever you want, but It will not be the real Elektra.”

Miller referred to himself as the “father” of the character, which was met with applause from the room.

Like it or not, Elektra will appear in Daredevil Season 2, coming to Netflix in 2016.

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    • wheelwork
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    I empathize with his feelings. Kinda agree, but am selfish so it's cool she'll be on the show.

  1. How does Frank Miller find the time to write with his busy schedule of telling kids to get off of his lawn and complaining about "hippity hop music"?

  2. I'd love to hear what Will Eisner thought about that clusterf*ck of a film Miller made...oh what was it called...The Spirit?

    • CB92142
    • 29 Posts in 16 Months

    Miller's a pretentious prick. Yeah, he's written some great stuff but you're writing for a company like Marvel or DC and you have to expect that no creation is truly your own at that point. You gave Marvel a character they felt they could use and they did use it and many times they did good and others they did bad. Get off your rocker and start standardizing all your characters to creator-owned content so that way no one can "steal" your ideas. Frank might be a great writer, but in all honesty, he's not the best. I prefer Bendis' Daredevil to his own and I prefer Scott Snyder's Batman to his Dark Knight series.

    • byrd156
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    Miller is a terrible writer who made two good works. (BYO and DKR) I can't stand him.

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