Meet The 52 Collectible Mortys In The Rick And Morty Mobile Game

Pocket Mortys Top

Earlier this week, Adult Swim revealed a Pokémon-style mobile game based on the popular series Rick and Morty. Anyone who has played Pokémon knows that one of the key ingredients of the game’s formula is seeking out and collecting new Pokémon to fight with.

In Pocket Mortys, players will do the same thing, but with Mortys from across the multiverse.Adult Swim Games has released a new poster showing off the first 52 Mortys that will be available in the game. Take a look below (click on the image to see the embiggened version).


So which Morty is your favorite? I personally have a soft spot for Reverse-Mermaid Morty, but that’s just me.

Pocket Mortys arrives in the App Store and Google Play on Jan. 14.