Captain America: Civil War Will Be More Comedic Than Winter Soldier



  1. This story SHOULD NOT have ANY comedy in it. Winter Soldier was perfect with the comedy.

  2. As long as it doesn't over do it like the Avengers movies I'm down.

    • RHM-kun
    • 3 Posts in 7 Months

    Since Spider-Man and Ant Man are there, it should have its laughs. But I think it won't really be as comedic as Ant Man or the Avengers' movies

  3. Already let down.... this is the sole reason I can't stand Marvel movies.

    • AdrFax
    • 22 Posts in 4 Months

    Why do they bother making serious trailers if the movies will go overboard with the comedy? TWS had the perfect balance, I'm still hoping that they don't mess that up.