Young Justice Season 3 Easter Egg Shown On Teen Titans Go


Teen Titans Go! is infamous for its Easter eggs, but this one's pretty cool.

The series, which came into being shortly after the cancellation of the fan-favorite Young Justice series, hid a "Young Justice Season 3" Easter egg in the background of a recent shot, scrawled across a building behind Raven.

You can check it out below, via the Superhero Feed Twitter account:

Since the end of Young Justice, there's been a video game, a couple of home video releases and a never-ending stream of rumors that the show might return in some form.

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  1. what could it mean? about: NOTHING! LET IT GO, LET IT GOOOOO!

    • DarkWater
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    2016 is the year the last episode of Young Justice took place in. I'd be fine with a movie that wraps the series up. If there can't be another tv series I see no reason you can't do one off movie. I know I'd buy it and looking online there still is a huge fan following.

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