The Flash Pretty Messed Up Extended Trailer Released

An extended trailer for The Flash's midseason premiere was released online today, ahead of tomorrow's episode.

The trailer features "ground zero for pretty messed up," as we see a good look at Killer Frost and Deathstorm, Zoom making his next move, and new shots of Earth-2, where it seems we'll be spending some time with Barry.

Fun that instead of the Justice League easter egg in the police department, Earth-2 has a Justice Society one, too.

Check out the trailer above, and tune into The Flash season 2 midseason premiere, "Potential Energy," on Tuesday night at 8pm on The CW.


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    • wheelwork
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    Wow. This mid-season's gonna be awesome. But now that Earth II is in play,I'm waiting... HOPING to see... PowerGirlTP.jpg

  1. There is Zoom,Barry,Reverse Flash,Jay Garrick and what seems like an evil barry counterpart from earth 2 not to mention wally and jesse but the best of this is that the reverse flash is coming back he is so good you can't hate him and there is a lot of secrets he didn't talk about why did he hate barry where did barry escape from where did he get his speed from and why did he lock barry instead of killing him although he is returning as the pre harrison wells identity theif which is a little sad

  2. "This video is private". ???? <|⊙ー⊙*|/

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