Fan Fridays: Will Hugh Jackman Make an Appearance in Deadpool?

(Photo: Fox)

Wade Wilson is bursting onto the movie screen in a few weeks and the anticipation has reached a fever pitch for the Merc with a Mouth. The X-Men Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead are already appearing in trailers and tv spots, proving that Xavier’s students have a part to play in this R-rated flick, but what about a spot for Canada’s favorite mutant? Is Hugh Jackman reprising his role as Logan once again to join Ryan Reynolds on the big screen to reunite after Wolverine: Origins? Fan Kaitlyn Greene believes that this is in fact the case as Hugh has already stated that his time as the original Weapon X is coming to an end. With Wolverine 3 coming up, and confirmed as Jackman’s last hurrah, there’s only X-Men: Apocalypse and Deadpool to continue to put his stamp on the X-verse before hitting the dusty trail.

To start, you would think that this would be a given simply because of Deadpool’s origin in the cinematic universe. Though Wolverine: Origins wasn’t exactly the most well received movie of the X-Men franchise, it was responsible for giving us a Ryan Reynolds/Wade Wilson to start with. Without this original movie, it’s highly unlikely we would have gotten the Deadpool movie that we’re getting today. What better way to create an homage for that movie than to have Logan appear alongside Deadpool once again, if only for a moment? To say nothing of the fact that Deadpool was created by the Weapon X Program, the same secret government experiment which gave James Howlett his healing factor as well, so we’re rife with possibilities in Logan breaking onto the scene.


Besides owing a spot to Wolverine in the film thanks to his origin, let’s be real, there hasn’t been an X-Men movie yet that hasn’t had Hugh Jackman show up in some way, shape, or form. The one film which most believed that Wolverine wouldn’t be appearing in at the time, X-Men: First Class, turned out to have Jackman make an appearance after all, with a delightful scene of Xavier and Magneto attempting to recruit him with disastrous, yet hilarious, results. To appear in Deadpool would keep the streak alive and who doesn’t want to see Wade fire a zinger at Jackman before the end of the day. Let’s face it, Ryan Reynolds throwing one liners at Hugh Jackman makes for some great lead up to a potential scene of the two butting heads in the movie.

There have been some rumors that Hugh Jackman was spotted on the set, but this is all just hearsay. Ultimately, Hugh Jackman has played the role of Wolverine for a long time, longer than almost any other actor has portrayed a super hero at this point, but seeing him take one final stab at a fully realized Wade Wilson is just too good not to theorize. We’ll see once Deadpool hits theaters on February 12th.