Batman V Superman's Bat Signal Is For Sale on eBay

(Photo: eBay)

If you've got Bruce Wayne kinda money, you can own the Bat Signal used as a prop in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, per an eBay listing that went live this week.

The prop, identified as a modified WWII searchlight Military Army Jeep, has been listed for sale at $65,000 on the popular online auction site. While that sounds like a hefty price tag, it's actually just a $5,000 markup over what the military would have paid for a simliar vehicle in the '40s, according to the auction.

The seller is an eBay user active for nearly a decade who specializes in selling military vehicles.

"The WWII General Electric searchlight was leased to the movie production company at the Michigan Motion Picture Studios in Pontiac, Michigan in the summer of 2014," reads the auction description in part. "I have full documentation on this light being used on set for the movie. After production, the searchlight was returned without the “bat logo” which I replaced with an exact duplicate. The large knife switch seen sparking in the trailer was added for dramatic effect, and is not part of the searchlight."

Modifications made to the spotlight during filming have been removed, but the spotlight is still active.

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