New Street Fighter Hoodies Revealed


Not that one of the most popular video game franchises of all time needs much excuse to put out some merchandise, but with a high-profile new installment on the way, it's time to see some cool Street Fighter gear.

And Merchoid -- the folks who gave us our first look at official Spider-Man merchandise from Captain America: Civil War -- are the first to show some off in the form of a line of hoodies designed to evoke the costumes and appearances of popular Street Fighter characters.

Merchoid Community Manager Jessica Adams says “The costume hoodies are a really fun way to show your love for your favorite Street Fighter character. They’re warm, comfortable and look great. Sorry E Honda, but we don’t do XXXXXXL sizes right now.”

The Street Fighter hoodies are available to preorder on Merchoid now for £34.99/€49,99/$49.99 (all of which include free shipping worldwide) and are released on 19th February 2016.

Other items in the collection include a Blanka Snapback cap with orange fur to mimic his hair, a ‘Kenstagram’ t-shirt that shows the highlights of Ken’s year in Instagram format and a Chun-Li statue which demonstrates her Lightning Kick through flashing LEDs.

More on the way soon, surely, as the game itself nears release...!