New Street Fighter Hoodies Revealed

by Russ Burlingame


Not that one of the most popular video game franchises of all time needs much excuse to put out some merchandise, but with a high-profile new installment on the way, it's time to see some cool Street Fighter gear.

And Merchoid -- the folks who gave us our first look at official Spider-Man merchandise from Captain America: Civil War -- are the first to show some off in the form of a line of hoodies designed to evoke the costumes and appearances of popular Street Fighter characters.

Merchoid Community Manager Jessica Adams says “The costume hoodies are a really fun way to show your love for your favorite Street Fighter character. They’re warm, comfortable and look great. Sorry E Honda, but we don’t do XXXXXXL sizes right now.”

The Street Fighter hoodies are available to preorder on Merchoid now for £34.99/€49,99/$49.99 (all of which include free shipping worldwide) and are released on 19th February 2016.

Other items in the collection include a Blanka Snapback cap with orange fur to mimic his hair, a ‘Kenstagram’ t-shirt that shows the highlights of Ken’s year in Instagram format and a Chun-Li statue which demonstrates her Lightning Kick through flashing LEDs.

More on the way soon, surely, as the game itself nears release...!

By Russ Burlingame

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