Andrew Lincoln Says This Week's Walking Dead Episode Is Much Lighter


While there isn't really a "good" time per say in the world of the Walking Dead, lately it has been even rougher than usual. After claiming Alexandria back, Rick and Daryl team up for a road trip, and as Andrew Lincoln says (via Entertainment Weekly), it is much overdue.

“We like to call it Butch and Sundance,” says Lincoln of the episode. “But the producers after a few days of filming it called it Bill and Ted’s. So I don’t know what they were seeing but what we were filming was completely different.”

“I missed working with Norman,” says Lincoln. “And it was the same with Melissa McBride. I had very little to do with Melissa. And Steven. It is the nature of having an ensemble cast of going on 25 people now — people splinter off and have to go in different directions.”

Viewers, including myself, have missed the brother in arms dynamic that has made them such an invaluable part of the show. With Carl out of commission for a while, it seems these two will be working together much more. That bond goes beyond the show for Lincoln.

“It was frustrating because I love working with Norman,” says Lincoln. “And I love the relationship with Rick and Daryl. It’s a huge ingredient as to why these survivors are still there — that relationship. Also, it’s been on screen for a long, long time — six years now. And it is effortless working with the man. I love him. He’s one of my best friends on the planet, along with lots of other cast members that I work with in this show. Particularly with Norman, though.”

The friendship also works because of just how different these guys are, and they both have traits and ideals that the other can learn from.

“In any other situation, I would be arresting this motherf—er,” says Lincoln with a laugh. “And these guys are stuck together. And that was the fun of this episode — you see a completely different side of both of these guys. It was different and strange and it will be a little bit unsettling for the audience, but it is much lighter episode — remarkably considering the episode before it is hardcore. But I think it was great to play.”

After the gory mid-season premier, I think I could use a bit of light-heartedness, so I'm all for it.

The Walking Dead comes back all new this Sunday.