Deadpool Box Office Records Were Celebrated With Mariachi Band And Chimichangas At Fox

Deadpool Chimichanga

It makes sense that the team behind Deadpool would not be satisfied to celebrate the major success of the film by just having some boring pizza party. No no, that just wouldn't be acceptable.

Instead, Fox CEO Jim Gianopulos (via THR) got everyone together in the cafeteria, where they found a mariachi band performing, complete with Deadpool masks. In addition to the latin musical flavor, they also served up themed drinks, such as blow-job shots (Baileys, Kahlua, and Amaretto with whip cream) and of course, the piece-de-resistance, chimichangas.

How's this for meta? The women and men of Fox Marketing. Their work on #Deadpool changed the game.

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While Ryan Reynolds didn't get to take part in that celebration, he made up for it by surprising the marketing team during a meeting with a platter of 30 chimichangas (from Tacos Por Favor). It was like Santa Claus, just with tacos.

It's a good time to be Deadpool.