The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 11: Knots Untie

TWD 611

The Walking Dead airs its latest episode tonight, the tenth of season six, titled, "Knots Untie."

The official synopsis for Knots Untie reads, "After Rick comes to the realization that Alexandria might not be as safe as he thought, decisions must be made about where to go from here."

Last week, we left off with Rick and Michonne being startled in bed together by their captive, Paul "Jesus" Rovia freeing himself and marching right in. This week, Jesus will lead Rick's group outside of the Alexandria Safe-Zone in the direction of his community, but there's no telling if he is a man of his word or one of Negan's men, similar to those Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha encountered earlier (unless you read the comics).

Do you think Jesus is a good guy who is really here to help or is he luring Rick and the group into a trap?

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 PM ET on AMC.