Hillary Clinton Quotes Arrow: "They Failed This City"


During tonight's Democratic Presidential debate in Flint, Michigan, frontrunner Hillary Clinton (likely unintentionally) invoked Arrow main character Oliver Queen's signature catchphrase "you have failed this city."

Clinton, of course, is talking about the fact that local politicians failed to help the people of Flint during the recent water crisis, which was years in the making before it came to a head recently with the revelation that most of the water in the hometown of Terry Crews, Michael Moore and others is toxic.

You can check out Clinton's unintentional reference below.

Arrow airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The CW. Hillary Clinton is running for the Presidency, which will be decided in November.

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  1. Still wouldn't vote for her, even if she does quote Ollie.

  2. Boy, you guys sure do report the most newsworthy things.

  3. Does she think this is going to attract the youth vote or something? Because it does absolutely nothing to sway my opinion of her. Bernie all the way.

  4. what the heel just because she said they failed this city it means she is quoting Oliver(Stephen) you/she/he/they have failed this city is a common sentence any authority figure says it doesn't mean she is quoting a comic tv show that she may never heard of

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    This is a large stretch. I think it's an attempt by CB dot com to inject politics on here. We know what comment sections turn into when politics come into play. For me, that's the last thing I think about when I visit sites like this. This quote is not a legitimate reason to tie presidential politics to this website.

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