Kevin Smith’s Batman Cacophony Gets Animated

Batman Cacophony AnimatedDo you remember the Batman Cacophony limited series from DC Comics? It was written by Kevin Smith with art by Comic Book Men’s Walt Flanagan. Batman Cacophony came out in 2008 and 2009, and the series told the story of a turf war between The Joker and Maxie Zeus. The series also introduced a new character called Onomatopoeia.

Now, Batman Cacophony has been animated. No, it’s not an official DC Comics animated feature from Warner Bros. Animation, but rather a short adaptation of part of the first issue posted to YouTube.

Batman Cacophony #1: Code Green is an excerpt from Comic Con Theatre starring Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman, which features animation by Josh Dagg. Most of the voices are done by Ralph Garman, but he does them in the style of various celebrities like Adam West and Sir Sean Connery. Kevin Smith does the voice of Deadshot in his own voice.