The Walking Dead: Who Shot Hines Ward?

The Walking Dead Hines Ward Zombie

So did you catch former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward as a zombie on “The Suicide King” episode of The Walking Dead? His appearance was very brief, so if you blinked you might have missed it.

Hines Ward was one of the zombies that attacked Rick’s group as they were fleeing Woodbury after rescuing Daryl. So the even bigger question is which one of The Walking Dead cast had the honor of putting down a Super Bowl hero?

The answer surprisingly is not very clear. When the Hines Ward zombie approaches, Merle is down on the ground bashing in the head of another zombie, so it wasn’t Merle. Brother Daryl has his crossbow pointed the other way to take out a different zombie, so Daryl is probably out as well.

It’s actually Maggie that Hines Ward appears to be heading straight toward. Both Maggie and Rick draw their guns, as the zombie horde approaches. After seeing the flash of Hines Ward, the next scene appears to show Maggie putting a bullet in Hines Ward as he stumbles toward her.

The Walking Dead Maggie Shoots Hines Ward

However, we freeze framed the scene and the back of the head of the zombie that wanders into the scene with Maggie doesn't have the number 86 but has a full head of hair. Meaning even though the scene was edited to make it look like Maggie shot Hines Ward, she might not have actually pulled the trigger on the Dancing with the Stars champion.

The Walking Dead Maggie shoots zombie

Is it possible that Hines Ward zombie somehow survived? I mean Hines Ward did survive Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, so maybe he went and hid behind one of the cars when Rick and his group started shooting. Could we see Hines Ward zombie again?