Batwoman #17 Features Gay Marriage Proposal

Batwoman #17Given the hype that comic book companies have put behind issues that feature gay marriage proposals and gay weddings recently, it's surprising that DC Comics has done rather little publicity around Batwoman #17. The issue, which arrives in comic book stores today and is already available digitally, features Batwoman proposing to her girlfriend Maggie Sawyer.

When Earth 2 Green Lantern was revealed to be gay and proposed to his boyfriend, it received a massive amount of pre-release media coverage. Of course, in the case of Green Lantern, DC Comics was taking a former straight character and making him gay in the New 52 DC Universe.

However, in the case of Batwoman, Kate Kane has already been established as a lesbian character. In fact, the extremely well-done comic book has been recognized in the past with a GLAAD media award for Outstanding Comic Book.

Batwoman Gay Marriage Proposal