Star Trek Into Darkness: Shatner Holds a Grudge

A few hours ago on Twitter, Star Trek writer/producers Damon Lindelof and Brannon Braga mixed it up a little bit with longtime franchise star William Shatner, with hilarious results.

"I heard it was your bday yesterday," Shatner told Lindelof. "I would have made a fuss but you didn't put me in your movie...TWICE! #yesiholdgrudges"

In response, Lindelof tweeted, "Bill, I am both wildly geeking out that you acknowledged my bday and wildly geeking out that you hold a grudge against me. You know what else holds a grudge? The time/space continuum. Kirk fell off a cliff and died. #WhyWouldGodNeedAStarship"

It's at that point that Braga, who wrote Star Trek: Generations (the movie in which Kirk was killed when a bridge was dropped on him), entered the conversation to lend some, umm...perspective?

He started with, "Sigh. We all make mistakes..." and then added, "It was a script typo. We accidentally wrote: Killed by ‘Bridge on Kirk’ instead of ‘Kirk on the Bridge.’"

In between those messages, Shatner joked, "Ahhh Brannon and Damon two of the most despised in the Kirk Universe! All we need is Orci to complete trifecta!"