Man of Steel Rumor Control: Krypton Survives? Not So Fast... 0

Krypton explodes in Man of Steel junior novelizationWe'll preface this by acknowledging that the junior novelizations of major motion pictures are not always representative of everything that happens in the film. After all, the major twist and other storytelling elements of Iron Man 3 were reportedly run by Kevin Feige and removed before the books arrived in stores and the hot little hands of young readers.

Still, considering recent rumors that Krypton would remain intact in Man of Steel and that General Zod had come to Earth primarily to retrieve Kal-El and bring him back home, it seems worth noting that the image at left comes from an officially-licensed Man of Steel adaptation...and sure seems to show us a Krypton that's in the process of exploding.

See all those chunks coming off it? And the bright green, of course...

This scan comes compliments of a user at the Superhero Hype forums, who has been buying and scanning the Man of Steel kids' books as they come available. Expect much more of the same in the week to come, as Wal-Mart lists a number of Man of Steel action figures and other product tie-ins as being available for in-store pickup beginning Friday.

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