Batman: Arkham Origins New Story DLC Announced On New Year's Day

Batman Arkham Origins DLC Announcement

When Warner Bros. teased a big Batman: Arkham announcement on New Year's Eve last week, most were expecting the announcement to come on New Year's Eve. Instead what fans got on New Year's Eve was another teaser for the Humanitarian of the Year Awards at Wayne Manor. It created quite an uproar on the Batman: Arkham Facebook page with some fans feeling like they had waited for nothing.

However, early this morning on New Year's Day, Warner Bros. made the official announcement that they had been teasing. On the official Batman Arkham Facebook page, Warner Bros. posted an image of a Wayne Foundation Humanitarian of the Year Award frozen in ice, along with the text, "All-new STORY DLC coming in 2014!"

Of course with those clues, it's easy to put together that Warner Bros. is announcing a Mr. Freeze story DLC for the recently released Batman: Arkham Origins video game. It's likely that the DLC will revolve around an origin story for Mr. Freeze.

Batman: Arkham Origins has been released for Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC.