The Walking Dead's Rosita Gets Her Close-Up

the-walking-dead-christian-serratos-rositaLast week, viewers of AMC's The Walking Dead got their first look at Abraham Ford, Eugene Porter and Rosita Espinosa, a trio of survivors who joined the comic book series around issue #53 and who represent some of the longest-lasting survivors this side of Rick and Andrea.

And now, Screen Crush has your first up-close look at Rosita from Sunday's episode, "Claimed," as portrayed by Twilight's Christian Serratos.

It seems likely the group will be off to a different start this time out than they were in the comics, where their first encounter with Rick Grimes's group of survivors was more or less on Rick's terms as team sniper Andrea disarmed them in short order. Now, it's Abraham, Rosita and Eugene alongside Glenn, still recovering from his long illness, and Tara, who really doesn't seem to have much of an idea of just what she's doing.

...And wait--is that the same overgrown cornfield The Governor gunned down a bunch of Woodbury residents in at the end of Season Three? Because if so, there's a decent chance she's got her hand on her gun for a reason.