'Arrow' EP on What Easter Eggs Are Okay and What Aren't for 'Arrow'

In five seasons on television, Arrow fans might wonder why there's never been Easter Eggs containing subtle call-outs to Batman or Superman. Now, executive producer Marc Guggenheim explains why that is.

In an interview with Collider, Guggenheim talked about Easter Eggs on both Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, revealing that it's not just the fans that enjoy the little nods to the greater DC Universe in the show, such as Big Belly Burger. Guggenheim himself is a fan of Easter Eggs and he admits there haven't been any DC Easter Eggs that fans haven't figured out.

"I love them, too. The writers on both shows are huge fans of Easter Eggs and we all dig it and enjoy it. I'd say, first of all, there's never been one that has been on Arrow or Legends that fans haven't caught. People are incredibly good at [finding them,]" Guggenheim said.

But when it comes to having a copy of The Daily Planet or the Gotham Gazette lying around Oliver Queen’s mayoral office, those kinds of Easter Eggs just can't happen, at least not without permission from DC.

"Well, let me put it to you this way. Were I to do that and not ask DC for their permission it would occasion a probably very uncomfortable conversation. It's not a fireable offense I don't think, but here's the thing, these guys are not only our partners but they've also become my friends," Guggenheim said.

Guggenheim admits, though, that fans aren't the only people who would love to see Superman or Batman Easter Eggs on the show. He and his team would enjoy it as well.

"That's the thing, we always want to balance like, we love doing that kind of stuff because we're fans, too. We, as fans, want to see it. At the same time, again, these are DC's properties and I want to be a respectful collaborator."

Arrow returns to The CW on Thursdays beginning October 12th.

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