LawBreakers May Not Come To Nintendo Switch – For A Rather Interesting Reason


We’re less than a month away from the debut of the multiplayer game LawBreakers on PlayStation 4 and PC, but some fans are wondering if the would-be hit may end up on other platforms – most notably, the Nintendo Switch.

Speaking with GamingBolt, Boss Key Studios’ Dan Nanni noted that the main reason the game may not end up on the system is because, of all things, a lack of buttons.

“We haven’t announced that yet! Who knows?” he initially said. But when asked to go into further detail, he noted, “There’s a possibility for everything and anything in this world. I think the hardest part with the Switch is the controls. Look at the game that we have right now, and we just literally by the skin of our teeth put the entire game and the control pad that the PlayStation has. That means that we could probably make it work for the Xbox One in someway, right? But if you’re looking at the Switch the base controller that’s on the unit, it doesn’t have as many buttons.”

Except that, well, it does. The system actually has as many buttons as the PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4, even without its touch pad.

Fortunately, Nanni was quick to own up to this on Twitter, noting, “Yes, I was wrong about the Nintendo Switch button count. My foot has been removed from my mouth. Mistakes were made!” and added “First we’ll release on PC and PS4 in August, then we’ll look toward growing the game’s support into new regions and platforms.”

So the possibility is there, but, for the time being, Cliff Bleszinski and company are looking to bring the game to a big audience on the PlayStation 4 and PC. And it should do suitably well, based on the feedback from the recent open beta of the game – though whether it will overcome the likes of Overwatch has yet to be seen. Hopefully, the $30 price point should help.

LawBreakers will arrive on August 8th, 2017. We’ll provide more information on what to expect from the game in the days ahead, provided any more announcements are made.