'Pokemon Go': AR Mode Helps You Catch Those Tricky Moving Pokemon

Pokemon Go's AR Mode has a little known bonus function: it can help players track down those pesky Pokemon that roam around the screen refusing to be caught.

A few months ago, Pokemon Go gave its Pokemon the ability to move around the screen, making a few of them much more difficult to catch. Players really struggled with the moving Pokemon when Pokemon Go added Legendary Birds to the game, but several other more common Pokemon like Horsea and Tentacool can also be a struggle.

If you just can't seem to hit a Pokemon that drifts to one side of the phone screen, there is a very easy trick that might be able to help you out. Turning on Pokemon Go's AR Mode allows you to re-center a Pokemon on your screen simply by moving your phone around. Since AR Mode allows you to re-adjust your view by moving your phone there's no way for that pesky moving Pokemon to escape the center of your screen.

AR Mode can also be used to help catch Pokemon like Dragonite or Pidgeot that sit further back from the players. While some players struggle tossing a Poke Ball that far, the AR Mode forces Dragonite and other Pokemon to move closer to the Pokemon.

This isn't a new trick, as AR Mode has always given players the ability to move Pokemon around their phone screens, but it's a little trick that many players might not be aware of. Think of this as something that could make your Pokemon Go experience a little bit easier!