Mark Hamill Presented With A Custom Joker Lightsaber

Even though London's Star Wars Celebration left the Internet bustling with news, perhaps nobody at the star-studded event was busier than Mark Hamill. Between a litany of panels, signings, and more, Hamill somehow managed to still find time to laugh with fans during the weekend. And, of course, the actor took a moment to relax when a fan gifted Hamill with a custom, Joker-inspired lightsaber which came complete with his iconic character's laugh.

Created by Ken Hampton of Hampton’s Hand-Crafted LED Sabers, the creator uploaded a Youtube video of his encounter with the legendary actor. Hampton gifted the stunning lightsaber to Hamill during a meet & greet at Star Wars Celebration that clearly left the actor stunned.

In the video, Hamill can be seen looking over the custom piece and admiring its nods towards Hamill’s Joker. The saber features a custom grip and sheath which are overlaid with the Joker’s classic purple-and-green color scheme. The weapon’s hilt is covered in ribbed, purple material which references Hamill’s lightsaber from the original Star Wars trilogy. The guard also features a black panel etched with the phrase ‘Ha Ha Ha’ that was then painted bright green. Above that sits an panel which is imprinted with the Joker’s playing cards, and the saber’s long blade illuminates into a flashy, neon shade of green.

Viewers can see that Hamill attempts to give the weapon back to Hampton, but the creator then clarifies that the custom piece is a fan-funded gift for Hamill. The actor looks shocked, jaw dropping as he says, “Oh no, that’s for me? I can’t take gifts like this! It’s very expensive.” However, Hampton brushes away the actor’s worries and is ultimately able to leave the gift with the respected actor. Hamill eventually goes as far as to say the saber belongs in a museum, and while Hampton’s reaction to the compliment isn't caught on camera, you can bet the fan looked understandably thrilled.

Hamill’s long association with the Joker is comparable to that of his history with Star Wars. The actor began voicing the Joker in 1992’s Batman: The Animated Series to critical acclaim. And, very soon, Hamill will reprise the villainous role in Batman: The Killing Joke, a R-rated animated film based on Alan Moore’s original graphic novel.

Batman: The Killing Joke will be released in theaters for a limited engagement before its digital copy becomes available on July 26th 2016.