New Star Wars Fan Theory Attempts To Solve Mystery Of Rey's Origin

Ever since Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens hit theaters, fans have been eager to learn just how Rey’s parents are. There have been countless fan-theories published which try to solve the mystery, so it’s no surprise that yet another speculation has been released - and it predicts that Rey might be an actual Disney princess.

Over on Reddit, user @The_Playboy has shared an intriguing fan-theory that might convince others that Rey is actually Star Wars royalty. If you want to check out theory, then you can read it below:

“The royalties played always large part in the Star Wars universe. In the prequel era there were thousands of star systems with monarchic government. Before the Galactic Empire, many planets (for example Naboo, Mandalor, Lasan) were ruled by royal families. Supreme Chancelor Palpatin declared the First Galactic Empire and named himself Emperor. The galaxy was grouped into oversectors, controlled by the Grand Moffs. Monarchs lost their influence on galactic politics, and over their own people. In Star Wars Rebels we learn from Zeb (former captain of the Lasan High Honor Guard) that the Empire wiped out the royal family of Lasan, along with most of its population. Queen Apailana of Naboo was also assassinated by the 501st Legion. House Organa the Royal House of Alderaan at that time almost died out when the imperial super-weapon, the Death Star destroyed the entire planet. Although lots of goverments suffered from the Empire’s reign, not all the families became extinct.”

“In the Force Awakens royal families were mentioned several times. Lor San Tekka says about Leia „Oh, the General? To me, she is royality.” When we first meet Han in the movie, he is transporting three rathars to King Prana. At this point we know for sure that some of the monarchs survived the Imperial regime. This is where my theory comes in. I think Rey is from a royal family, from a planet unknown to the audience. The First Order invaded Rey’s homeworld, and wiped them out. Maybe a group of loyal guards escaped with the young Rey, and left her on Jakku for her own safety.”


Of course, fans are now weighing in on whether this fan-theory might have evidence tying it to the canon. Many Star Wars lovers are smartly pointing out that Rey’s name lends itself to the theory; The word ‘Rey’ means ‘King’ in Spanish, and it’s etymology is related to royalty. And, of course, there are conversations being had about how Rey’s purposed royal heritage could tie her back to the original trio. If Rey is somehow related to Luke or Leia, they would have connections to Naboo and Alderaan monarchies through Padme and Breha Organa.

So, what do you think? Is this new fan-theory one worth pursuing, or do you think Rey comes from totally different origins? Let us know in the comments below!

[H/T] Reddit