Rian Johnson On Lucasfilm's Policy For 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Spoilers

After the release of last night's Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer, fans are worrying about Star Wars spoilers more than ever. But as director Rian Johnson puts it, there's a very particular science to what is being revealed in The Last Jedi's promotional material.

In a recent video with Yahoo, Johnson detailed what Lucasfilm's spoiler policy has been with the film, including a meeting where they determined what plot points could never make it into the trailers.

"A year ago, maybe even more than that, my producer Ram [Bergman] and I sat down with the folks at Lucasfilm and said, 'OK, this is what we’re going to reveal here and there, and this stuff we’re never going to reveal until the movie comes out.'" Johnson revealed. "We came up with a ‘no-fly list’ of, under no circumstances is this shown or that shown."

Johnson said the whole meeting ended up being pretty surreal - and gave him a new outlook on the storied franchise.

"It is a fascinating process." Johnson explained. "It’s something that for me, just having been a fan my whole life, suddenly being behind the curtain and seeing how it works and seeing how deliberate it is, has been really fascinating."

Johnson has been pretty outspoken about The Last Jedi spoilers in recent days. Over the weekend, the director tweeted that fans should "absolutely avoid" the trailer if they want to come into the film "clean." After those comments caused the fandom to worry, Johnson later clarified his remarks, saying it's only for those who want to stay one-hundred percent unspoiled.

For those who have seen The Last Jedi's most recent trailer, there are certainly plenty of unanswered questions. After the trailer unveiled plenty of memorable moments and hidden Easter eggs, fans turned into screaming Porgs trying to speculate.

Could Rey turn to the dark side, or is Kylo Ren headed to the light side? Is Chewbacca's Porg companion friend or food? Is the trailer really spoiling anything? We'll have to wait until Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens in theaters December 15 to find out.

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