Is This Who Daniel Newman Is Playing On The Walking Dead?


Negan bringing down his baseball bat on a core The Walking Dead character's skull wasn't the only big moment in the sixth season's final episode which set the stage for the show's seventh. In fact, Carol and Morgan encountering a pair of men on horses wearing combat gear probably offered even more insight of things to come than anything else which happened in the finale.

The two men who found that all but definitely hail from the Kingdom, a yet-to-be introduced community on The Walking Dead TV series but one which comic book fans have been waiting to see. All signs, theories, and rumors point the red-headed man in combat gear, played by actor Daniel Newman, to be Richard.

Spoilers for comic book version of Richard follow.

Richard is the head of security working directly with The Kingdom's leader, Ezekiel. After Alexandria and The Kingdom come together and outline plans for their war with Negan and the Saviors, Richard plays a role in advising their strategies of attacks. Later, he pridefully marches with the rest of the Alexandria, Hilltop, and Kingdom's army as the make their first moves against the Sanctuary (Negan's hideout).

Shortly after a victorious battle, the troops march on to another Savior outpost but are ambushed. It isn't seen but Richard either shot or stabbed and discovered by Ezekiel, bleeding profusely. He eventually succumbs to his wounds. Shortly after his death, Ezekiel reveals to Michonne how important Richard was to him, calling him the "eyes and ears" of the Kingdom in a rare moment of vulnerability.

It's entirely possible Newman will be playing a brand new character to The Walking Dead universe or possibly even a mash-up of several. The role is yet to be confirmed by AMC but we can expect more details on Newman and his character to emerge when we get our first look at The Walking Dead's seventh season at San Diego Comic Con two weeks from today.

Newman's previous credits include The Dark Knight Rises, a couple of Homeland episodes, and a pair of appearances on The Vampire Diaries. He can also be seen on the 2009 Heroes series, Children of the Corn, and Road Trip: Beer Pong.