DC Universe Online Announces Amazon Fury Part II

dcuo amazon fury part II

Sony Online Entertainment has announced the next DLC pack for DC Universe Online, Amazon Fury Part II.

Amazon Fury Part II is the second part of the Amazon Fury DLC trilogy. In the first part of the story, Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, cast blame for Brainiac’s attack on Paradise Island on the world of mortals. In retaliation, she joined forces with Circe to launch a counteroffensive on Gotham City. Wonder Woman rallied a group of rebel Amazons to help defend the city against the attack. Heroic players joined with Wonder Woman’s forces, and villains with Circe’s.

Creative director Jens “Spytle” Andersen says the second chapter of the trilogy will reveal more of what motivated Hippolyta to invade, and it’s not a glamour spell on Circe’s part. The DLC will see players return to Themyscira and the Gates of Tartarus, and a reveal a connection to the Greek gods motivating the Amazon Queens’ actions.

The DLC will also return to the Nexus of Reality and the Prime Battleground, tying into to Braniac’s initial invasion with a second attempt by the alien villain to enter the Nexus, using a new Union army made up of Amazons and mythological beasts, like cyclopses. Other areas include the Underworld Labyrinth and the Halls of Hades.

Brainiac, the Paradox Council, Hippolyta, Wonder Woman, and Circa will all also have major roles to play in the DLC’s plot, and payers will get to face off with Greek monsters like Cerberus and a hydra.

The major new characters introduce are the gods Hades and Ares, who are apparently working together to cause the Amazon civil war.

New gameplay scenarios include a "Gotham Under Siege" daily solo mission, 4-player "Return to the Nexus" operation, where players battle Brainiac's army, a 4-player "Act of Defiance" operation, where players battle Ares and his Hydra, an 8-player "Labyrinth of Lost Souls" raid, which will require players to work together to navigate the mythical maze infested with Minotaurs, and another raid, "Hall of Hades," featuring a battle with Cerberus. A third raid, "Throne of the Dead," will see players battling a rather imposing Ares.

Completing the challenging "Throne of the Dead" range will immediately open up acces to an elite raid version of "Throne of the Dead," with higher level enemies, higher level gear (the highest in the game so far), and higher odds of gear drops, as well as different feats. However, players only have two weeks from the time they defeat "Throne of the Dead" to attempt the elite raid (this can be done multiple times). The elite raid also offers you only a limited number of character revivals per fight, three per person. If you fall a fourth time in the same battle, you're removed from the raid.

New gear styles include the Wonder Woman inspired Themysciran Battle Armor and a more classical Greek inspired style for heroes, and a Circe-inspired styles for the villains

Amazon Fury Part II will hit the DC Universe Online servers soon.