The Flash Advance Review: "Tricksters" Is a Treat

FLA117A_0117bFirst of all, come clean. Some of us are still reeling from the events in "Out of Time" two weeks ago. The fallout continues to rain down from those events in "Tricksters," making it clear that Central City was changed forever the day Barry Allen first traveled back in time.

When a masked and somewhat flamboyantly dressed villain starts terrorizing Central City with bombs and calling himself The Trickster, Barry and friends have their work cut out for them. But when Joe and Barry decide to interview the original Trickster from his cell in Iron Heights, things somehow get even crazier, building up to both Barry and his father being in mortal danger. Meanwhile, Barry and Iris deal with the aftermath of Mason Bridge’s disappearance, and a few more answers about Harrison Wells lead to even more questions, as usual.

As usual, the cast brought their very best to the table, starting with leading man Grant Gustin. Barry is no longer able to just be the enthusiastic naive young man, too much has changed and too much is at risk. After weeks and weeks of dealing with the people he loves bring in mortal danger, this week he hits his breaking point when it is his own father on the chopping block. Gustin’s performance is strong and occasionally heartbreaking.

Once again, it would be remiss to not mention Tom Cavanagh. He can do more with a look than many actors can do with a monologue. Rick Cosnett isn’t in the episode much, but when he is it is almost impossible to look away from him. And Devon Graye as Axel, the new Trickster, is equal parts delightful and vicious.

However, there is no denying that the star of the episode is the man himself, Mark Hamill! Nearly twenty-five years after playing The Trickster, Hamill doesn’t so much play the role as he resurrects the man himself. Deliciously evil, enjoyably crazy, and amazingly dangerous, James Jesse may be older, but his enthusiasm for chaos and mayhem has not dampened in the slightest.

"Tricksters" answers some questions, poses a few more, and simultaneously entertains and expands the show’s universe. It is a fun episode that appears to play an important role in things happening down the line. How important? We’ll just have to wait and see.