William Shatner Shares His Idea For Star Trek 50th Anniversary Show

star trek

The science fiction phenomenon known as Star Trek debuted on television in 1966, and is getting ready to celebrate its 50th anniversary in 2016. The third film in the rebooted franchise timeline will release that year, but Star Trek’s heart has always been in television.

Franchise icon William Shatner appeared at the Fan Expo Vancouver 2015 and shared his idea for a 50th anniversary Star Trek television celebration, one that he’s apparently pitched to SyFy. The episode would focus more on the themes of the show than its extensive lore.

“The 50th anniversary show would be about the ideas that Star Trek dramatized,” Shatner explained.

Shatner references his kiss with Lt. Uhura, but mostly focuses on the Season 3 episode “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.” The episode guest-starred Frank Gorshin (Batman’s Riddler) as a member of an alien race whose faces were half black and half white, and suffered racial tension based on which side of their face was which.